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Crystal Cleansing

When you buy a new crystal, it is recommended that you do crystal cleansing to neutralize the vibrations left by other people. After restoring the crystal to it's original clarity, you can then impress your own pure intentions upon it. Do crystal cleansing periodically especially if your crystals are used for healing to clear away all negativity.

Crystal Cleansing Tips

Sea Salt: Bury your crystal in dry sea salt in a small container for between 7 - 24 hours. Dont's use salt water because it can discolouring the crystal.

Sun & Water: Put the crystal in running water for a few minutes and then place in the sun to dry. Only recommended for crystals not susceptible to fading.

Music: The vibrations of a pure sound can energetically cleanse a crystal and remove the feeling of unpleasantness.

Crystals: Crystal clusters can be used to cleanse crystals. Place your crystals in the center of your cluster for hours and they will be completely cleansed.

Source : Crystalpalace

Crystal Cleaning

Wash crystal gently in water with a little salt. After that rinse them in clean water, and dry. Polishing it with a jewellers cloth if you like your crystals super shiny.

Bonding and Programming Your Crystal

Find a quite place and hold the crystal in both hands, try to feel it with your mind, concentrate on what you want to program into the crystal. This process takes a few minutes.

You can assign your crystals any purpose or desire that you have. The vibration is stored there until you replace it with a new intention.

Source - CrystalPalace

Care For Your Jewellery

1. Always remove jewelry before showering or bathing and never swim with jewelry (chlorine is damaging) If exposed to water, make sure you dry it immediately.

2. Swarovski Crystals and Pearls may be damaged by direct contact with sprays such as hairsprays, perfumes, deodorants or detergents and salt water. Do keep your jewelry away from dust and dirt.

3. Store jewelry in soft cloth or soft pouches separately. Moisture, especially in an enclosed storage space, will tarnish sterling silver, loosen jeweler cement (used for stone setting) and weaken springs and clasps. Anti-tarnish paper is ideal to store with your jewelry.

4. Never use toothpaste or baking soda to clean your costume jewelry... This is too abrasive!

5. To clean jewelry use warm water and a PH balanced soap. Dry thoroughly.

6. If you purchase a commercial cleaning agent, make sure the label states it is safe for gemstones. If you are ever in question about how to clean a certain piece of jewelry, see a reputable jeweler.

7. Do not wash simulated pearls. They should be buffed with a soft cloth.

8. Precious and semi-precious gem stones and beads are porous. The natural minerals these gem stones are made of can chip or crack. Be careful not to hit them on hard surfaces when storing or wearing your gem stone jewelry. Do not expose this jewelry to high temperatures like saunas.

9. Do not use sonic cleaners, boiling water or ammonia cleaners.

10. Enjoy your jewelry, but care for each piece like an old friend.

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