General Safeguards

While your jewellery is not being worn, it is best stored in a lined box or soft pouch, similar too, if not the one you had, when the item was purchased. Necklaces shouldn't be allowed to become tangled and metal or diamonds can easily scratch other metals or plate, just by being next to each other.

This can ruin or dull a polished surface very quickly, with the obvious disappointment and loss in value that will be the result.

Dont wear jewels while gardening, doing housework, or playing any kind of sport, in particular swimming. Jewellery is particularly susceptible to damage from the effects of chemicals present in perfume, hairspray, nail polish remover and deodorant.

If a lost ring or earring is trodden into the lawn, it can be a hundred years before it's found. Likewise, rings can all too easily slip off soapy or sweaty hands and be lost forever.

Your local swimming baths are especially destructive to expensive jewellery as the chlorine found in the water can cause surface damage. Gold and silver hate chlorine which was an active ingredient introduced during the refining process to separate the base metals in the melting crucible.

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