Retain DIAMOND's Brilliance (Diamond's Care)

Caring for diamonds is best not left to trial and error. Knowing what and what not to do ensures the lasting brilliance of your diamond jewellery.

1. Because diamonds can easily scratch other jewellery, even other diamonds, the best single piece of advice is to keep your diamond jewellery in a fabric lined jewellery case with dividers.

2. It's not wise to wear a diamond ring when doing rough work. It's hard but it can be chipped.

3. Chlorine bleach can pit and discolour the mounting. Lotions, powders, soaps and even your natural skin oils can put a film on diamonds that cut down their brilliance. But this can be easily rectified. It's simply a matter of cleaning your diamonds fairly regularly.

4. There are commercial jewellery cleaners and ultrasonic ones that clean with a high frequency turbulence.

5. It's smart to have jeweller check wear and tear on the mounting at least once a year.

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