Diamond Color

The kept Back Riddle of Diamond Color

Fed up of wearing the same old white Diamond set every now and then? Want some change? Presenting before you a colorful luminous journey…Color diamond? How to determine whether it is real or faux?

Diamonds do exist in ample range of colors. Several of them are extraordinarily fascinating and more attractive than the conventional white. But they are very few and rare to find. Come out of the shackles of the conventional white diamond and get yourself a Color Diamond. Qualified gemologist is the only one who can verify and differentiate between a real and fake diamond. There are some simple assessing tests that can be used by a shopper that do not require specific tools. These tests rely upon the various ways a diamond responds when put under specific conditions like light, heat etc. If breathing on the stone leaves it misty then it is not an authentic gem. Place a diamond on top of any printing, if it is magnifying the writing and you can read through it clearly, it is obviously a fake diamond. After flashing light through the gem brings bright radiance on the other side, it is highly possible that it is a true diamond. If the surface of diamond is rough and if the rim is rounded then it is almost certainly bogus.

Where are Colored Diamonds sourced from?

Most of the Colored Diamonds are sourced from Argyle mine in Western Australia. Many makers have made these colorful master pieces their signature item. Most of these stones are rare and are these days considered to be the latest fashion buzz. These colored diamonds come in natural and enhanced categories. Natural Diamonds are simple yet elegant and are untouched as against enhanced diamonds which have been fiddled with and remain inexpensive.

How diamonds are evaluated?

One can assess diamond with help of four C’s:

color, cut, carat and clarity. Diamonds are graded on scale of D to Z by GIA. Color diamonds generally termed as ‘fancy color diamonds’ are available in rainbow colors. The diamond scaled from D to F, mostly colorless, fetch more prices. But when Diamonds are graded for fancy colors i.e. above M, they become expensive again when compared to the lighter shades. The colored diamonds are exceptionally striking. White, pink, yellow, brown, black and the list is incessant.

How to distinguish fake and real diamond?

Apart from the transparency test, there is another way of making out real diamond from fake one. Real diamond reproduces different tones of grey. If diamond gives the multicolored reflection, then it must be a fake diamond. The sparking sides of a gem are also an indication of Genuine Diamond as a fake one lacks luster. Taking a sand paper test also helps differentiate. The scratch on stone means it is a fake diamond.So come with open eyes into this colorful world and take home genuine Color Diamond.

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