Buy from a Bullion Dealer and Sell on eBay!


Don't take my word for it - Test it out for your self - It works!
When you buy Gold through a Gold Bullion you pay the gold price according to the rate at that time and when you decide to sell it through the Gold Bullion they will offer you 7% to 9% less than the going gold rate.

You can now buy and sell gold coins on eBay; but, it is a case of Caveat emptor which is Latin for "Let the buyer beware" so please BEWARE!

You need to be careful and check the eBay seller out, look at their Feedback and check out the comments left by previous buyers. Do not buy from a seller with less than 30 feedbacks. Have a look at what other seller thought of dealing with them and if you are not happy with the seller then move on to the next seller, there are many more. Also check out their postage and packaging costs.

If you decide to buy from eBay be sure to check out the gold price that day and don't pay any more than you would have paid at a bullion dealer including their postage and packaging costs. Goto: for the daily gold price and to download a gold price widget for your computer.

I have one of their gold price widgets on my taskbar at the bottom of my screen and it updates all day; this gives me up to the minute gold prices. Then I have a look on eBay and see which gold coins are either on the money or below and don't forget to check out the post and packaging costs for the seller.

When ever I am selling gold I always sell on eBay as I generally always get the market price or a higher premium when two buyers go head to head on my auction and then I do better than the market price. Don't you just love eBay!

My best formula is to buy from the bullion Dealer when the gold price dips and then to sell on eBay. I hear you ask why buy from a Bullion dealer and sell on eBay, well I know that if I buy from the Bullion Dealer the gold coin is genuine and when I sell on eBay I get a better price then if I sold it to a Bullion Dealer, who would offer me 7% to 9% less than the market price.

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