Buying Silver Coins For Investment!

Silver has for more than 4,000 years been regarded as a form of money .The oldest mass form of coinage was the silver coin. The Greeks were one of the first amongst the first people to use silver coins. Today silver coins have an international appeal and can be traded anywhere in the world. Apart from the collector's of silver coins, silver bullion coins are being collected by investors to hedge against inflation or to store value.

Silver is minted in coins and bars they usually have a set weight of 1 troy ounce of silver (31.103 grams of 99.9% silver) In the United States Silver lost its role as legal tender when they introduced the silver standard and they continued to use it as a coin until in 1964 the intrinsic value of silver overtook the coins' face value.

The main silver One Ounce coins in circulation today are Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, American Silver Eagle, UK Silver Britannia, Somalian, Chinese Silver Panda, Mexican Silver Libertad, Australian Silver Kangaroo and the Kookaburra, Silver Monkey, Zambian Silver Elephant

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