Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins are the official bullion gold coin of Canada and they are produced by the Canadian mint. Maple Leaf gold coins are .9999 pure gold and they are one of the purest gold coins issued in the world today. Unlike the other gold coins the Maple Leaf contains virtually no base metals

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf commands universal respect and attention, as it has been traded on the world market since 1979. The Maple leaf was the first gold bullion coin to be minted in the ultimate 99.99% purity. No gold coin in the world boasts a higher purity.

The Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins are one of the most practical ways to invest in gold. They are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Each Maple Leaf coin is guaranteed by the Government of Canada for its weight and its gold purity. As a result of these government guarantees the Maple Leafs are extremely saleable and are easily bought and sold anywhere in the world where precious metals are traded.
The most magical part of owning a Gold Maple Leaf coins are an investment to own and to admire and touch. When you hold a Gold Maple Leaf coin in your hand, you're holding 5,000 years of security and value.

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